Dental implants in Cali: why we are your best option

Although there are several options for replacing missing teeth, those who offer patients a definitive solutionsare been preferred. That´swhydental implants in Cali have become the most considered option by those who seek to recover their oral functionality.

However, despite this growing popularity, there are still many myths about dental implants that need to be clarified so that patients can make informed decisions about their treatments.

¿What are dental implants?

The technique of dental implants is to install small pieces of titanium in points of the jaw where there was a tooth before. Such components are intended to serve as artificial roots for the new implanted piece.


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    Another important reason why CR Dental Clinics is the first-line alternative when it comes to dental implants in Cali is the comprehensive advice our multidisciplinary group gives to each client. The certainty of the most appropriate treatment in each case is the result of a careful analysis of the patients' needs and medical history. Contact us by clicking on this linkfor a complete and detailed evaluation, as well as the surprising scope of the options that we can offer you.

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    As with many other treatments related to oral health, the costs of dental implants will depend on their complexity. However, patients should consider aspects that transcend the economic, because their welfare is at stake. Our strength in these crucial aspects are precisely what makes CR Dental Clinics the best choice in dental implants in Cali.And one plus, we speak English.

    The first thing to keep in mind is our experience. Over nearly thirty years of impeccable professional career, CR Dental Clinics has cemented its reputation as one of the most reliable oral health facilities in the country. CR Dental Clinics doctorsbeen decisive in our achievements.

    The second is that faithful to our tradition of excellence we only work with inputs and materials of the highest quality. Our work is backed by prestigious brands such as Nobel Biocare ®, Implant Direct ®and Neodent ®.

    Third, and not least, is that our professionals are continually updating their techniques in implantology and their knowledge in materials to offer new alternatives; So we make sure to put at the service of Cali and Colombia the most advanced in oral health issues that are our area.

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    The first aspect to consider is that the solution described is closer in aesthetics and functionality to natural teeth. The patient receiving the implants experiences the satisfaction of wearing a denture that makes him feel confident about himself. Also of great importance is the benefit of stopping the continuous loss of bone, which is often the case with traditional dental prostheses.

    In addition, dental implants solve chewing problems; Prevent deterioration of natural teeth remaining as with removable bridges and significantly simplify oral hygiene, among many other advantages. In the end, all this is reflected in the recovery of self-esteem and confidence of our patients. To achieve these goals, at CR Dental Clinics we have the technology and experience that allow us to offer you excellent dental implants in Cali.