In fact, it is seldom aware of the importance of this tissue that supports the teeth. Being in the background, many times take advantage of certain diseases that can seriously compromise people's oral health.

Keeping the health of the gums and treating their ailments is what the periodontics

To know what periodontia is, it is necessary to understand the importance of the tissue surrounding the teeth and contributes to their support. In fact,
the periodoncia deals with the gums but it goes much further as far as oral health is concerned.

What is Periodontics?

Rigorously defined, periodontics is a specialty of dental medicine that prevents, diagnoses and treats diseases of the periodontium, that is, the covering of tissue around the teeth. However, its importance goes beyond the gums, since the timely action of the periodontal specialist can prevent the loss of teeth and bone caused by advanced stages of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis.

Due to advances in dental implants, periodontics have achieved special relevance because their interventions are essential to ensure that the implanted parts are strengthened and thus achieve the goals of oral rehabilitation of patients.

Periodontics at CR Dental Clinics

Understanding the importance of periodontics in the field of oral health, CR Dental Clinics offers its clients comprehensive treatment of periodontal conditions and an integral support in dental implantology processes. Our experience, almost 30 years in the Colombian dental environment, supports the effectiveness of our interventions. If your dentist has indicated the need to receive periodontia treatments, contact us to advise you promptly through this link.